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College Qualification & Facilities

Yes. The registration number is KPT(JPS)600-48/A/019(9). Quality assurance is guaranteed, since the inspection is being conducted regularly
There are facilities provided such as computer laboratories, library, forensic lab, restaurant, kitchen, hotel, internet PC, air-condition in all class room .

Transport Flexibility & Application

1.Kuala Lumpur – Seremban Expressway (KLS) 2.Maju Expressway (MEX) 3.New Pantai Expressway (NPE)
The public bus stop is situated close proximity to our College. By using bus, it takes 1 hour 50 minute from KL Sentral to the College. Otherwise, the Grab or cab also available from: KL Sentral to Taman Desa (Syuen College) LRT Seputeh to Taman Desa (Syuen College)
Yes. Only the purpose of sending luggage to the hostel for the first time only
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